January 2022

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Snowstorms and Power Outages

In anticipation of the intense Tahoe snowstorms of December (2021), I was anxious yet hopeful for all of the new snow. It’s been awhile since Tahoe has had a truly snowy holiday season. However, we received so much snow that the entire region effectively became snowbound and paralyzed for multiple days. Power outages for many hours and, on occasion, for many days plagued us. And, because highways and roads leading to and through the Tahoe region were shut down, we experienced some short-term food and gas shortages.

Long story short, it felt like I stumbled and tripped out of 2021 (which is par for the course for last year) rather than ringing in the New Year with any sort of grace or dignity. I’m keeping it brief this month because it’s already the 10th and I’m just now getting around to publishing this newsletter. So, in lieu of words of wisdom or a meaningful discussion, I offer you a photo album of beautiful snow-flocked trees and landscape images from last month. Additionally, I did find the time to publish three new cross-country skiing VLOGS that, to a lesser degree, chronicled the month.

In spite of last month’s challenges, though, I have many things for which to be grateful. Between all of the snow shoveling and cross-country skiing, I’m feeling quite fit again. I’ve had countless positive interactions on Tahoe Trail Guide and my YouTube channel regarding snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. I’ve committed to working toward earning my Level 2 Cross Country Certification (through PSIA). I officially claimed the 3rd place in the Tahoe Big Year with 201 bird species. And, again, we have so much snow that I get to ski all of the time now!

Here are the three XC Ski VLOGs I published during this past month (thanks to all of that Tahoe snow). In each of these videos, I briefly described my experience dealing with the snow.

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Cross-Country Skiing Explained Mini-Series

This list of links will probably remain her for the winter, as well. I’ve noticed an increase in traffic (looking for xc ski related content) both at Tahoe Trail Guide and at my YouTube channel.

Please note that I wrote Cross-Country Skiing Explained with the beginner or intermediate cross-country skier in mind. This is the demographic for whom I most often served while working in the outdoor recreation industry at Lake Tahoe. I basically treat these articles as extensions of the conversations I’ve had with those customers. That said, expert skiers probably could take away something of value from this article. Just know that I don’t intend to address racing-oriented philosophy, technique, or gear selection.

Considerations for buying cross-country ski gear (new and beginner xc skiers)

Classic Cross-Country Ski Components

Waxing Your “Waxless” Cross-Country Skis (for beginner and intermediate xc skiers)

Thanks for being a part of my life. Until next time…

-Jared Manninen

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Rabe Meadow (1/6/22) © Jared Manninen

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