Gruesome Tales to Tickle Your Terror Bone

• 102 PAGES
• 6.75X10.25″ TRIM SIZE
• ISBN: 978-0-9834036-3-0
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In the storytelling tradition of the 1950s Horror Comics like EC Comics with their signature “twist” endings (see Shock Suspense Stories, Crime Suspense Stories, Tales from the Crypt), I produced a 102-page graphic novel. It was my first book and includes 6 short horror stories (a 44-page story, two 22-page stories, and three flash fiction stories). Vanity Affair (22 pages) In a world where physical beauty is paramount, people will stop at nothing to achieve perfection … even if it causes them to turn a blind eye to the pitfalls of vanity. No Such Thing as Ghosts (22 pages) The measures we take to maintain our grip on reality … are nothing compared to what we do to mask it. Chasing Shadows (44 pages) Dying to make a name for himself in the anthropological world, Professor Eulokai will stop at nothing to find the lost ruins of the Karthan Civilization. Coercing one of the university’s brightest students into assisting him, the professor and his assistant set out on a perilous journey deep into the jungles of South America … but sometimes achieving your greatest feat is the last thing you’ll ever do. *All fonts used in the production of Gruesome Tales are courtesy of*

“No matter how many hours we devote, our work is never done. Always another box to check, another task to complete. As if we’ve all sworn to uphold the idea that work will set us free.”The Butcher's Journal Entry

Gruesome Tale’s Backstory

Gruesome Tales to Tickle Your Terror Bone was a self-induced crash course into the world of comic book making. At the end of 2009 I was laid off from a corporate job and had no real career prospects beyond what I could put together myself. I had always wanted to publish a book, so I embraced the Cult of Done Manifesto and got it done. In about a year, anyway. The stories in Gruesome Tales are rough. The artwork in Gruesome Tales is rough. But making the book was a labor of love, and I learned more from that one project than I could have from anything less than a fully rendered book. I’ve dramatically reduced the price of the book to $4.99, so it’s a steal. I have finite copies left and never plan to reprint the book, so order a copy today and know that this is where it all began.

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