October 2016

Hello, folks! Hope you had a great summer. Things are well with me, although I am looking forward to winter. We had our first official snowfall in Tahoe on Sunday/Monday of this week, and it was inspiring to say the least!

What I’ve accomplished since last we spoke was to finish all 100 illustrations for my Tahoe Rim Trail Coloring Book and to start on the cover. Here is another sampling of the interior illos.

I will have the book finished by the end of October. Life got in the way of me finishing it sooner, but that’s how it goes. Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches. The final tasks I need to complete are to write a story to accompany the illustrations and finish the cover (complete with text). The story will be short, but I wanted to include a narrative that will revolve around cultivating creativity and adventure in your life. These are the things that exploring nature does for me, and I want to inspire the same for you. Below is the illustration that I will use for the wraparound cover. Imagine the front of the book is the right half of the image and the back is the left half. I am currently in the process of digitally painting it and adding the text.

Recently, the backpacking store at which I work, Lake of the Sky Outfitters, announced that it will be closing by the end of this year unless someone buys it. The owners want to retire, and I can’t afford the asking price to purchase the store. With more time I may have been able to put together a better offer, but it’s a huge financial undertaking on a relatively short notice. It’s a bummer because it has become a great service/store to the South Lake Tahoe community. If you are interested in buying it, contact Peter Hussman via the contact info at their website.

This past weekend I participated in the 9th annual Lake Tahoe Seminar hosted by Aikido of Truckee. I realize that over time as much as I love to train, I love the community with which I train even more. I’m grateful this event is so close to home and that so many friends attend.

Thanks for being a part of my life. Until next time…

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